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Falling short of realizing the potential in your business? Not meeting your goals around profitability, growth, digital transformation, technology, succession and even business sale.

Concerned about?

Supply chain security and inflation

Adoption of technologies


Retention of key talent

The Challenge

  • Company has a vision or set of goals but not able to translate into roadmap with realistic plans that get implemented

  • Succession issues, disputes, stagnation or in need of business transformation

  • Possible technology laggard, business model under threat or failing to adapt with changing landscape in your particular industry

  • Unable to solve problems due to weak design of plans and solutions, suffering from mis-alignment of incentives and goals of stakeholders

The Opportunity

  • Outside Turnaround and Restructuring practitioner can provide the focus and fresh perspective

  • Bring a fresh look and independent perspective – clean mind, not jaded by the routine playbooks and approaches. Change today is about knowing and having a plan to go forward and realize a vision rather than lots of experience of the past

  • More Operational and Commercial focus rather the typical financial view of challenges

  • Transformation, Restructuring, Business Sale or Acquisition, Capital injection or Joint Venture

Below are the types of improvements, outcomes and benefits our clients have realized

Operational Improvements

  • Streamlined and digitized core processes

  • Alignment of unit incentives with desired outcomes including setting up of pertinent performance metrics

  • Development of a competitive investment policy for Information Technology

  • Revamped project execution to minimize cost and scope overruns

  • Better organizational cohesion by abstraction of performance-based rewards to business goals

Competitive Advantages

  • Expansion of capabilities without high investments by leveraging partners and collaborators

  • Smart investment in technology

  • Supply-chain localization and optimization

  • Reduced cost to manage


  • Enhanced Financial Management by integrating disparate systems and processes brought about by acquisitions

  • Reduced cost of sales by incorporating new models

  • Increased competitive advantage by effective outsourcing policy

  • Increased profitability by converting fixed costs into marginal costs

  • Reduction of costs due to poor interfaces between business units and duplication

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