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IT Services Company Joint Venture & Collaboration

Ready to start a conversation with IPX Enterprises to explore your interests in setting up an IT Services delivery unit in a potential joint venture, collaboration or partnership model.

  • Diversification and having multiple delivery centers helps mitigate risk and develop functional focus

  • There is more than one way to do this – outsource to a vendor, alliance with a vendor, Joint venture or wholly owned. Have you considered all of these models?

  • Sometimes a new organization is the way to go to create the right organization culture and work ethics that are aligned with your company

  • Whatever model fits, we will play the role to make it a success for you

  • Companies in Asia, US and Europe (both tech and users of tech) require access to talent in nascent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Big Data or data processing and/or services teams located in an offshore location that can deliver quality output and competitive costs.

  • Pakistan is now emerging as a ‘best kept secret’ on the international IT industry scene. It has an excellent talent pool, significant youth bulge and good environment to promote technology businesses.

  • Pakistan’s IT industry offers a large pool of skilled and highly motivated young engineers who have an excellent creative and innovation pedigree.

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