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Independent Perspective on Enterprises

We are a strategic advisory firm serving the mid-market and public sector enterprises. Stakeholders, owners and CEOs can rely on receiving clear and simple advice, solutions that are pragmatic, piloted, proven and then scaled up. Challenges are tackled with a problem solving mindset of an engineer and turned into opportunities with an innovative insights.


IPX Enterprises is serving the mid-market and public sector enterprises that are seriously looking to address impediments to their development, growth and re orientation. Whatever strategic objectives your organization may be  pursing or challenges you  may be facing; you   will receive the required help to get over the finish line.  With the full backing of the stakeholders and a tenacious mindset, we will be able to identify the roadblocks, devise a realistic plan, see its implementation and the results.


Our mission is to take ownership of the  goals and targets of the business owners and stakeholders, bring a fresh perspective to the challenges and then deliver a transformation that lasts. 

Core Competencies

  • Actual practitioner who has been in the trenches (not just a consultant) – have executed many turnarounds and faced the difficult situations

  • Have been on all sides of the fence (Operator, Advisor and Investor) – understand and empathize with all types of stakeholders

  • Bring a fresh look and independent perspective – clean mind, not jaded by the routine playbooks and approaches. Change today is about knowing and having a plan to go forward and realize a vision rather than lots of experience of the past

  • Critical thinker with a depth of experience and knowledge and a clean eye

  • Action-oriented and results oriented with a unique point of view

  • Trustworthy, committed and direct

  • More Operational and Commercial focus rather the typical financial view of challenges


Aamir Mumtaz has over three decades of experience in the business world in a variety of industries, large and small companies, including the public sector and in a range of functions. The broad and diversified experience horizon allows him a perspective that can lead to unconventional ideas and approaches. He enjoys working on transformation of industries, including creating growth and innovation opportunities through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other forms of collaboration. Also dedicated to helping public sector organizations and governments to pursue their development goals and enhancing their effectiveness as governance entities and commercial enterprises. He aspires to a sustainable future and believes in inclusive business models, collaboration, knowledge sharing and general uplift of humanity.


What Do We Offer

As an implementation firm, we focus on translating a client’s strategic initiatives into pragmatic and rapidly executed business and financial improvements. Our approach integrates both tactical and behavioral drivers, and includes focused changes in operating model elements, such as core value creating approaches, management methods, and technology capability. All improvements incorporate organizational considerations which are behaviorally sustainable and deliver accelerated and extraordinary profit value.

How Do We Do It

Simple approach, Assess (review and understand with a clean mind and independent perspective, devoid of any baggage, fatigue of being in an industry for too long), Plan and Implement (a realistic plan based on doing it in the past  and a good understanding of all the risks), Institutionalization (implement changes so that the root cause of problems, stagnation and development challenges are eliminated permanently, as much as possible)

Operational Improvements

  • Reform core processes

  • Relevant and accurate

    Key Performance Metrics with clearly defined accountability

  • Digital Transformation

  • Realignment of goals with incentive structures

Business Model Transformation

New Markets

Innovative models of entering new markets

Joint Ventures, technology transfers and licensing

Better success in realizing business goals


  • Business Continuity without the hands-on owner

  • Business Sale

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Management Control Options

What kind of companies can we help

Companies facing stagnation, succession planning challenges, disputes and business contraction

Companies seeking growth and development, operational restructuring and technology modernization

Countries looking to embark on a development path, economic reforms, seeking technology acquisitions, joint ventures, restructuring, industrialization roadmap through state owned enterprises or public private partnerships


Companies at some point have to face challenges that can be converted into opportunities with the right help. Here are some of the work we have done with our companies

Cleantech manufacturer avoids bankruptcy and shutdown

Cleantech manufacturer on the brink of insolvency and shutdown leaving thousands of customers in the transportation industry without service. Arrested the downward slide, stopped cash burning, fought off legal action erroneously placing liability on company, stabilized and put back on the track of sustaining service and then sold. Products live on and customers continue to be serviced and owners no longer carry the liability.

How to avoid breakout growing becoming a problem

Helped navigate a fast growing software company struggling with implementation of its technology at the required pace with a strategy that resulted in building a partner services eco system without increasing own footprint and exposure to support premier wall street clients. Following the last major financial crisis assisted in mergers of bad entities into good entities to thwart the further collapse of financial companies.

How to integrate post an acquisition spree by a global specialty mineral manufacturer

How to integrate post an acquisition spree by a global specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic material products and related systems manufacturer? Streamlined process manufacturing operations and led the creation a uniform digital platform for all acquired and subsidiary companies. Efforts led to vast improvements in financial operations and close timelines and over 50% savings in costs

How restructuring a public sector distressed entity can achieve make revival possible

State Owned Steel Company, with assets over three billion and over fifteen thousand employees in a distress situation requiring cutting losses, restructuring company into two entities, financial restructuring via a scheme of arrangement. Inducting private investment for revival and growth of the business. Resolved unpaid pensions crisis and carried out a large and highly difficult workforce rationalization.

Why fast growing companies with large cash infections still need to get the basics right

How to prevent a software company from getting swept away  in the fog of easy VC money and valuations that are not grounded in reality?  After receiving outstanding initial success and large investments, company lost its way and failed to get the basics right. Product Management, Project Executions, Product Development and Strategy were all reset and cash burn was halted with the company eventually getting bought out to the satisfaction of the investors

How to prevent the collapse of an Insurance Market after a once in a hundred year crisis?

How to prevent the collapse of an Insurance Market after a once in a hundred year crisis? Flawed underwriting and reinsurance practices threatened the whole market’s collapse. Government intervention created a new company to park all the defective insurance policies and process the runoff claims. Helped set up the new entity from ground up and build the systems to integrate with over 30 managing agencies and effectively contain the policies from sinking the industry.

Which Industries and what Locations

  • Mid Market Private or Public Companies

  • Government Owned enterprises in the Middle East and Europe

  • Industries – All but particularly Manufacturing, Financial Services & Insurance, Minning, Education, Technology, Utilities

  • Geographical Coverage – USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia

Helping fast-moving consulting scale with purpose.